The Honest Truth On Deodorant

February 2, 2018

Our bodies host a billion bacteria and fungi on our skin and in the gut. The bacteria in our armpits and other areas where the skin folds produce odor which can be offensive; not everyone’s sweat stinks though! Deodorants are used extensively to mask this odor. They contain chemicals which have antibacterial properties which prevent the bacteria from doing their job. While deodorants form an essential part of every person’s personal hygiene routine, there are several rumors that using deodorants is harmful. Let us try to unravel the truth about deodorants and its ingredients.

Aluminum: It is believed that the aluminum found in deodorants and antiperspirants leaks into the surrounding tissues and leads to the growth of tumors and cancer cells leading to breast cancer. But according to the American Cancer Society, there is not enough evidence to link the use of deodorants with cancer. Another commonly believed fear is that deodorants can cause Alzheimer’s.   Once again there is no evidence to link deodorants with this disease which sadly is becoming more evident in younger people.

Parabens: The use of Parabens is another cause of concern. Parabens are used as preservatives in cosmetics and toiletries. These compounds interfere with the hormones especially estrogens leading to the growth of cancer cells. But nowadays parabens free deodorants are available.

Phthalates: They are used to make the fragrance linger on our skin. These compounds affect the hormones, especially the androgens and impair the reproductive ability in men.The research is still on to verify if phthalates from deodorants actually enter the human system.

Destruction of natural bacteria: Next, there is another section of the society which believes that using deodorants will lead to an imbalance in the bacterial ecosystem in our body which in turn will impact immunity and overall health. Once again there is insufficient evidence to prove this claim.

Thus, there is no concrete evidence that deodorants are harmful to health if you must use a deodorant then use sensitive skin deodorant that is normally fragrance-free and parabens free. You can also opt for aluminum-free deodorants.