Should I Use Weighted Vests For Running?

April 26, 2017

Running with a weighted vest has drawn a lot of attention as far as weight training is concerned. It is a guaranteed way to increase strength, improve endurance and build solid muscle. This piece of equipment is a must–have for any physical fitness freak to raise the bar of their fitness levels using the latest and the best techniques. Professional sports people from athletes to the fighting arts are all training with weighted vests to improve their overall fitness. As with everything in life, running with weighted vests also has a few pros and cons. So, before you decide whether you should use a weighted vest or not to run check out the following pros and cons-

1. Weighted vests are good for improving and developing strength. The heavier the weights used the more strength you will develop.
2. These vests are also known to improve resistance while running.
3. Increases speed and reflexes in both running as well as while training.
4. Helps to burn more calories.
5. Reduced bone loss is another reason for using these vests especially among women who are prone to osteoporosis. those runners who use these vests are proved to have a better bone density as compared to what it was before they used the vests.

1. One of the biggest disadvantages of using weighted vests that it leads to poor posture.
2. It also puts a lot of pressure on all the joints.
3. Can cause injury to the spine and lower back if not worn properly or the wrong weights are worn.
4. Weighted vests are also not recommended for persons having heart ailments or respiratory problems as they may get stressed out.

Now that you know the pros as well as the cons of using weighted vests for running, it is advisable to invest in this valuable piece of equipment and use it safely and wisely to suit your own physical fitness targets.