Prevent common sports injuries

December 21, 2017

Sports and exercises are extremely good for body and mind. With their benefits come to their drawbacks too, if they are not done in the right format, they can be dangerous and threatening too. Intense physical activity without a support is pretty dangerous unless you are sure that your body is extremely strong and you know the postures right.

Sports personalities are often exposed to various levels of injuries and are prone to them. There are many reasons for the injuries to occur, and the types too differ. Mostly athletes suffer from knee injuries or shoulders, which is the most common type and is pretty easy to avoid if proper steps are taken.

The workouts athletes do the strengthening sometimes when done in thewrong posture leads to injuries. You can always prevent an injury by giving some external supporting factor, like a knee brace for sports injuries and arm pads to protect your arms and shoulders etc.

Along with support follow these few simple steps to a smooth playing session, be it the cycling or dynamic Olympic performance or anything else.


Have adynamic warm-up under the instruction of a well-experienced trainer. As an athlete, the type of warm-up should range from low intensity to high, general warm-ups to specific area activating warm-ups, and lastly from basic moves to complex moves, that are being done regularly.

Don’t overdo:

Yes, most of us want things instantly. Similarly few people love to grab the stamina and strength within a short span of time, which only leads to injuries and problems, doing strength training almost 5 days a week, at the beginning is one of the best examples.

Never follow such aregime! Firstly analyse your body and then decide the type of strength training you need. Make it like one day strength and the next day low intensity and then repeat, followed by a recovery day, whenever your body needs, or at the least once a week.