Choose The Right Shoes

August 24, 2017

Any sport can be very rewarding if practiced well and sufficient efforts are put in. for one to become a professional sportsperson or at least reach a level where they can compete and prove their abilities, they need not only good training but good equipment too.

This is true for all sports, be it running, football, cricket or even basket ball. One of the most important gear for these sports are the shoes. If one does not use the right shoes, not only will it affect their performance but will affect their health too. Ill fitting shoes can result in a lot of body pain and cramps too.

How To Choose Your Shoe

If you are into sports and are about to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, here are a few tips to help you choose right:

Try It

Any shoe you decide to buy, try it on. Try it with socks as you will always wear your sports shoes with socks. It is important to try it on the way you would usually wear it.

Different shoes have different soles and they behave differently on different surfaces. So, it would be a good idea to wear the shoe and walk around in them to see if they give you a good grip and is comfortable.


Different brands have different size charts. Never go by the size you used in a different brand. Size charts vary from country to country as well. so, try out the shoes and also try out other sizes, before you can freeze in on a size.


The fit is the most important. Never pick a shoe just because it belongs to a reputed brand or it looks nice. Pick only what fits you well, as you may suffer from injuries, otherwise. If you have wide feet, finding the right fit can be a little challenging. If you ever come across a boar or an advertisement saying “these are the best basketball shoes for wide feet”, never hesitate to try them on. It could be the perfect fit you are looking for.