Top Ways To Better Dieting at Home

February 20, 2018

Maintaining a good diet is important to not just lose all that unnecessary or extra weight. it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. When you follow a balanced diet, your body gets sufficient amount of nutrients to cope up with the demands of today’s lifestyle.

Do It At Home

You can diet from your house. You can follow a good diet and enjoy the benefits by following a few tips. If you want more ideas and help, sonacreamery can be a good place to start. Here are some tips for an effective diet at home:

Stock Right

Stock only those foods that fit into your diet plan. When the foods you are trying to avoid are stocked right in front of your eyes, it will be difficult to control. Out of sight, out of mind is one concept that works here better than self-control.

On the other hand, stock up on healthy foods like dry fruits, nuts, greens, protein bars, etc. also stock up on foods recommended for your diet. This way, you will be snacking only on those foods that are food for you.

More Meals

Many believe eating just the three meals will help them lose weight. on the contrary, more frequently you eat, the lesser you put on. This is because your body is not starved by the time you are sitting down for a meal. Hence it does not load on all the carbs to use it up later. Feed your body regularly, so that it stops stocking up.


Keep a diary and record all the foods that you eat. When you go through it at the end of the day or week, you will be aware of what you ate and how your body felt that day. This will also make you conscious of the quantity you eat and make you move towards more healthy choices.

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What Is Dieting And How Does It Work?

January 30, 2018

Introduction to Dieting

There are different ways to address dieting. Let us look at a few:

  • Dieting may be defined as a process where you cut down on the amount of food you take.
  • Dieting may also be considered as the process of including certain foods into the existing food menu.
  • Dieting may also be regarded as a process of eating food in a controlled and monitored manner.
  • For some such as those who are overweight and obese, dieting is practiced with the intention of reducing weight.
  • For few those who are underweight, dieting is undertaken to gain a healthy weight.
  • However, these days’ people take up diets in order to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Moreover, people also diet in order to remain healthy and prevent or treat diseases.

If you are looking for a good healthy diet plan check this post.

Science behind Dieting

Dieting has a direct relation to energy balance. That is if you consume fewer calories than you will be required to maintain less body weight, thus reducing weight easily. Similarly, if you consume more calories than what the body can burn, then this will be converted into fat and you will gain weight.

While dieting for weight gain, foods rich in fat and carbohydrates will help in the absorption of fat in the body. Thus, promoting weight gain!

While dieting for weight loss, foods rich in protein, fiber and liquid have the ability to absorb and digest body fat. Moreover, dieting inhibits fat absorption in the intestines and increases the metabolic rate of the body. This aids in digestion as well. Dieting also promotes weight loss by improving the energy levels of a person. Certain diets also help in reducing appetite by creating a feeling of fullness, thus preventing a person from overeating.

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