December 6, 2017

Without increasing abuse of drugs, drug testing rules have become very strict. Drug test is done to analyze the presence of illegal drugs most commonly in urine, followed by blood, saliva, sweat or hair. Nothing could be terrifying for a gentleman than a surprise drug test. If tested positive the after effects are devastating. It could lead to termination by the employer from a job, missing a job opportunity, or it could even lead to incarceration or arrest. There are many ways to cheat a drug test.

  1. Dilution: The most commonly known way to cheat a drug test. The results vary depending on the drugs. This is done by drinking about eight glasses of water until the urine output is clear. But care has to be taken not to cause water poisoning to your body. By diluting the urine it can raise doubt if the color is examined. After dilution, vitamin B complex tablets should be taken to add the normal straw color to the urine.
  1. Detox drinks: The mechanism of action is not very well known. But detox drinks do work wonders. They exhibit their action after 1 to 2 hours, and effect does not last long. I decided to get a detox drink to pass a drug test and it worked really well for me.
  1. Substitution: If you want to cheat, then substitute with your friend’s urine, or any synthetic, or use a pre mixed sample.
  1. Timing of the sample: Do not give the first sample. Urinate at least 2 times before giving the urine for test and then provide a mid stream urine sample.
  1. Take a diuretic: Diuretics increase the production of urine, and also cause dilution of the drug in the body. This is surprising but widely followed.


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