November 19, 2017

With advancements in dental health, there are the dentures come to the rescue to hide those gaps created by missing teeth to give back your beautiful smile and young look. Dentures are the removable replacement for teeth that could fill in all the missing teeth or just few teeth.

After a tooth is lost or extracted, and the healing process is complete, dentures can be fit in to replace the missing tooth. It takes about 8 to 12 weeks to use a denture to fill the gap. It is made by taking several molds or impressions of all the surrounding structures where the denture will be placed. The entire process of making a denture to a client takes about 4 to 5 weeks. This is to make sure a proper fit, proper bite and the aesthetics and appearance of the denture is achieved.

Dentures need great care and attention while handling them. It requires thorough cleaning to avoid the risk of infection and plaque formation. There is ultrasonic denture cleaner system available to remove the small debris that can be harmful. This is actually a vibrating water bath which creates motion by a high frequency transducer in the liquid that is present in the tank. This creates a scrubbing action against the surface of the denture because of the vigorous agitation caused by the liquid. It is a form of Jacuzzi to your dentures.

These systems of cleaning using ultrasonic waves create a mechanical scrubbing action that is very effective in removing fine debris and plaques that settle in the dentures. They are very compact units with very good efficacy. They are portable and very useful while travelling.

Ultrasonic denture cleaners yield very good results. It is easy and the most safe way to clean dentures on a daily basis.

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