Back Scratcher – A Fitness Exercise Or An Object To Scratch The Back

June 23, 2017

There are two different things with the same name “Back Scratcher”. While one is an object to make you feel better when your back itches, the other is a form of exercise to make you stay fit. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Let us see each of them in detail.

Back Scratcher as an Object

If you get a really good back scratcher, it is a boon when your back itches. Backscratcher is used when your hands are not able to reach the place where it itches at the back. There are two ways of using the back scratcher in an effective manner.

The first method is the most commonly used method used by most people. The Backscratcher is used from above the shoulders. This method requires a bit of stretch to reach the lower back but when itching happens in upper back and shoulders, then this method works well. This method of using back scratchers need flexibility in elbow and shoulder joint. Hence, it is not for people who have a shoulder or elbow injury. Also, is not recommended for older people.

The second method is a great way and is a better approach for people with elbow and shoulder problems. In this method, the back scratcher is used from the hip level.

Back Scratcher as a Fitness Exercise

Back Scratcher is also an exercise to keep yourself fit. It is easy to perform this exercise. It is performed on a smoother surface.

  • Lie flat on your back
  • Lift the legs up in such a way that both the knees and hips are bent to form an “L”
  • Raise them arms perpendicular to the ground
  • The movement is now started by raising the upper back away from the ground slightly to the right
  • Lift the lower part of the body in the same way
  • Continue to do this for 10 feet
  • Same way, now perform this exercise on the left side

This exercise is named so because if there is an itch in the back it will feel great to do this.